Thursday, December 31, 2009

#009: Kevin Baker, USN


Now THIS is honor personified, and why I have hope for this nation:

Veteran on cross-country bike trek dies

The Associated Press
Posted : Monday Mar 16, 2009 11:15:08 EDT

NORMAN, Okla. — A disabled Gulf War veteran who left Norman earlier this month on a hand-propelled bicycle headed for Washington, D.C., to honor fallen soldiers has died.

Kevin Baker suffered a seizure Friday morning in his sleep at the home of some friends in Lake Charles, La., said Norman resident Diane Zellner. He died in an ambulance en route to a local hospital, Zellner said she was told.

Baker, a 39-year-old Navy veteran, had a history of seizures, stemming from a traumatic brain injury, she said. He also had been diagnosed with lymphoma.
He had chosen to sojourn to promote the flag shown at the top of this post--to Honor and Remember his brothers and sisters who had died liberating Iraq from jihadist fanatics and Baathist Nazis. His blog here gave the story of his journey.

God rest you, Sir. (I don't care what rank you were, you're a Sir to me.)

ADDENDUM: September 23, 2009

I wrote the above in mid-March, 2009, before I formally began this series on Tattered Remnants.

This is a classic example of the behavior of the Remnant:

Keep trying. Keep moving.

Never, never, never give in.

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